Will Grey Windows go out of fashion?

30 June 2021
Updated 19 July 2021

Have you ever considered upgrading your plain white uPVC windows to a more modern grey window colour, but wondered if grey windows will ever go out of fashion? The answer is an emphatic no. Anthracite Grey windows have been in fashion for such a long time that it seems unlikely they will ever fall out of favour.

Grey windows can add elegance and variety to any property. The fact that grey is a neutral colour means it’s an ideal backdrop for other colours, making it easy to match with existing decor.

So why are grey windows so popular? Anthracite Grey is a unique shade, and not at all bland as you might imagine. It has depth and richness which makes it instantly appealing. Many people find it inspiring and stimulating, and because of this it also makes for a great backdrop for artwork such as paintings or even photographs.

Grey Windows will always be in fashion

There are many shades of grey that have seen huge popularity over the years. Some have been fashionable one decade but faded quickly in another. Anthracite Grey is not one of these, so you can be assured that if you choose to install grey windows, they will last the test of time.

Whole House - Anthracite Grey Windows and Doors

It’s an ideal choice if you want to ensure your home always looks stylish, no matter what decade it’s in! They give a distinctive look while still being easy to live with day-to-day – they’re sophisticated and functional, and could even be described as mature.

For a timeless look that will never fade out of fashion, Anthracite Grey is the best choice. It’s also very versatile – it can work in any room or style from traditional to contemporary and modern.

Grey Window styles

Grey windows are available in all sorts of styles, from the casement window, all the way through to the functional tilt and turn window, it doesn’t matter what style you go for, your uPVC window frames can be coloured to the grey of your choice.

Don’t let your colour choices affect the style of window you go for.

How much do Grey Windows cost?

The cost of grey windows is comparable to any other coloured uPVC window. But to make things easier, we offer a free online window quote that allows you to design your windows online – from picking the style and colour – and then provides an online quote. It’s that simple.