Upgrading your home with thermally efficient uPVC

17 April 2019
Updated 3 May 2019

Whilst a fantastic looking set of new windows and doors can elevate a house’s selling price, it’s the thermal efficiency of the frames that can provide long-term savings, which is why so many homeowners have opted for uPVC windows in recent years.

A thermally efficient window frame can provides a similar amount of heat saving to roof insulation or double glazed windows, and is a sound investment for any homeowner looking to reduce their heating bills.

In this article we’ll investigate what exactly makes a window thermally efficient and why they’ve become such a popular item.

What is a thermally efficient window?

A thermally efficient window is a high-quality product that will do more to insulate your home and therefore reduce the amount of heat escaping.

The uPVC manufacturer we use, Liniar, has patented an internal design that uses high-quality gaskets that maintain tight weather seals, as well as multiple chambers to break up mini convection currents. This creates a barrier of warm air pockets that reduces heat loss.

The main concern for homeowners when considering technology this advanced is the cost that comes with it, but fortunately it doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve worked with our network of suppliers and installers to bring you competitive prices and deals – try our quote builder today to receive an instant quote.

How important are energy efficient windows?

From a money-saving standpoint, energy-efficient window frames can be vital in stopping the households heating leaking through the windows, which in turn will mean heating bills are lowered.

The Energy Saving Trust found that a detached house can save up to £120 a year using A++ rated window frames. This could save a family thousands over a number of years, while in the short term, your home will be noticeably warmer – particularly in the winter months.

Not only this, but if you are looking to sell your home, an energy efficient house is far more attractive to potential buyers as thermally efficient uPVC has become a prerequisite for many buyers due to it helping homeowners to keep the costs of running their home down.

Why buy energy efficient windows in summer?

Thermally-efficient window frames also have their benefits in the summertime.

Using the pockets of air within the frame, energy-efficient uPVC window frames completely stop the passage of heat from one side to another, meaning that if a house is cool inside – it stays cool.

Summer can also be an ideal time to invest in these windows with installers and manufacturers often being busier in winter months due to the increased demand.

If you are thinking of replacing your windows, find an installer near you today and get to the front of the queue.