How much are double glazing repairs

11 November 2019
Updated 17 March 2023

When looking for double glazing repairs, there is no set price as most of the time, it comes down to what the problem is and who the double glazing company is.

Companies choose their own prices based on the current market and the job at hand. Whilst we maintain that most of the installers we work with are quite competitive, their prices range from £50 to £500.

That’s why in this guide we want to help you to find an installer to fix your double glazing problems and we hope it will help you decide whether or not the repair is cost-effective enough to proceed.

In this article, we will estimate how much double glazing repairs are, and give you all the information you need to repair your windows or install new ones.

We’ll look at:

  • How much it is to repair your windows
  • How much it is to repair your doors
  • Where to find double glazing installers near you

Double glazing repairs

How much it is to repair your windows

Ranging from £50 all the way up to £500, and in some cases more, it really depends on what type of repair your uPVC windows need.

You may find the cost to replace your double glazing is actually more beneficial and “cheaper” in the long run, as repairing your current windows may be a short-term fix. Installing new windows may seem the more expensive option in the short-term, but in the long-term could prove to be a wise investment.

It really comes down to a few key factors:

  • How severe is the damage to your window?
  • What is your budget for any repairs to be made?
  • How long have you had your windows for?

By answering these three questions, you will quickly identify whether or not you should repair or replace. From there on you can weigh up the various double glazing replacement costs as well as looking for simple double glazing repairs.

How much is it to repair your doors

It may be that your double glazed doors need repairing, after all, they’re being used on a daily basis. Your windows, however, aren’t used as much and in some cases will tend to last longer.

As for doors, even with the high-quality materials used, they may still be more liable than windows to wear and tear.

That’s why in most cases, making smaller repairs to your doors could be a better option than buying new ones. 

With that being said, it really comes down to what uPVC door repairs are needed to get it back to looking and feeling brand new.

As before, we would recommend asking yourself some simple questions that may end up saving you time and money:

  • What is the damage to the door? Is it the handle? The hinges? The frame? Or something else?
  • How severe is the damage to the door?
  • What is your budget for repairs? Or for a full replacement?

From there you can start looking at the different repairs your uPVC door may need. If you decide the damage is far too severe, then looking for a full replacement might be your best bet.

Where to find double glazing installers near you

So now that you’ve decided that you need either uPVC double glazing repairs or window or door replacement, you can use our find an installer tool to find a double glazing installer who can provide a quote for repairing your double glazed windows or doors.
Alternatively, if you need new windows or doors, use our online tool to get a double glazing quote online.