Customise your uPVC doors and windows

12 April 2019
Updated 3 May 2019

Everyone likes to make a house a home, and part of this is being able to design and style your house to match your own tastes.

While painting and decorating might spring to mind for internal customisation, it is also possible to update the outside of your home.

Custom-built window and door frames are a great way to personalise the exterior of your home. uPVC is known for its core benefits of thermal efficiency, durability and security, however you may not be aware of the many ways you can customise a uPVC frame to fit your home perfectly. From the design and hardware, to colours and textures, uPVC windows and doors have come a long way!

Standard white

The standard white uPVC frame is a classic for a reason.

Fitting just about any home, the standard white frame can bring stark contrast against coloured exterior walls or brickwork. Lasting for up to 20 years, the white uPVC also makes it easier to clean than most thanks to no additional materials being added to it.

If you’re looking for some ideas as to what you want out of your home’s windows and doors, look no further than our inspiration page. There, you can see the full extent of uPVC doors and windows available via our network.

Hardware and design

uPVC has seen a large increase in popularity in recent years, which is why the industry has kept up with the pace and released new designs and hardware that will allow any homeowner to feel they’ve made the perfect purchase for their home.

While uPVC is the base material for our frames, hundreds of pieces of hardware go into each product, from locks and handles to letter boxes and cat flaps!

Using our handy, custom quote builder tool, you can choose not only from the many pieces of hardware available, but also the hundreds of different design choices.

If you’re looking for windows, you’ll be given access to the full range of customisable products that we offer, so whether you need the smooth profile of a French Casement window to fit well against a rendered wall, or a Sash Horn windows for a more traditional finish, you won’t be short of choice.

If looking for uPVC doors, you’ll be amazed to see the many frame and door types on offer through our installer network. From Stable to Bi- Fold, the uPVC industry now offers every homeowner a frame option that suits their house perfectly.

On top of all these design choices, our installer network also offer a wide variety of glass types, so that each window and door can serve its purpose, as well as fit in aesthetically.

Colours and textures

Here at the Double Glazing Network we understand the importance of having a variety of options when selecting your dream windows and doors.

Today’s design-conscious homeowner can have all the benefits of uPVC delivered in a wide range of colours and textures – proving popular with the refurbishment of older houses where preserving the appearance is key. Whatever your preference, with uPVC you can get the look of traditional timber frames, without the cost and maintenance or perhaps more contemporary foil, such as smooth anthracite, to help give your home a more unique feel.

Whatever your preference, our massive network of installers can help upgrade your house via custom uPVC window and door frames. Find your nearest installer now!