Creative Ways to Position Windows in Your Kitchen Remodel

22 September 2022

Every excellent designer is aware of how crucial it is for a kitchen to have “visual moments”—distinctive visual components that act as focus points and support the overall design. The orientation and features of the place itself have a significant impact on how and where these moments occur. Very few kitchens are the same, from the room’s actual size to its underlying structural elements. But a window or two is a common feature in kitchens, and how you use it may make or break your kitchen design.

Planning around one or more kitchen windows is a luxury that almost every interior designer adores. A window provides pleasant refreshment for the eyes in addition to the obvious advantage of bringing natural light into the room given the heavy presence of cabinetry lining the walls. Kitchen designers always search for methods to highlight a window in some way since natural light gives a room a real-life feel that artificial lighting cannot imitate.

Since virtually everyone enjoys gazing outside while washing dishes or preparing food, the traditional way to use a window in a kitchen is to place the sink underneath it. But there are other additional approaches as well, and the majority of them entail elevating the focus to eye level. When handled by a skilled designer, a window’s visual impact frequently combines both beauty and usefulness.

  1. Set Windows in the Kitchen as a Centrepiece

If your kitchen has several windows, think about framing a standout element, like the kitchen hood, with the windows. In kitchens with high-end range hoods and commercial-grade cooking appliances, this technique can work exceptionally well. This feature, which is surrounded by windows, can form an entire focal wall that serves as the design’s anchor when that wall is highlighted with a unique surface treatment, such as black subway tile.

A butcher-block baking centre, a wine rack, or an eating nook are just a few examples of significant features that might be highlighted. Windows are frequently used to frame kitchen sinks and range hoods.

  1. Window Integration with Range Hood

Consider a specially made range hood that is created to merge with the windows, take the idea of spotlighting the range hood (or other prominent feature) a step further. 

Don’t be constrained by what is conventional in a kitchen; a complete redesign may provide you with special possibilities for using windows.

  1. Use the Steel Window Aesthetic

In any area, but especially the kitchen, windows that are framed with steel or aluminium that looks like steel are dramatic. They work well with contemporary décor but also well with traditional decorations and cabinets. 

For instance, the lighter-colored cabinetry contrasts sharply with the black metal windows. With grey or another dark cabinet colour, where the impact would be complementing rather than contrasting, it might work just as well. 

Consider painting the existing mullions on your wood windows to create a similar visual impact if installing new steel-framed windows is not feasible for your redesign.

  1. Construct a Cabinetry Bridge Over a Window

Kitchen cabinetry is important, and placing it around a window can give the room a seamless, personalised appearance. For instance, a cabinet valance that comprises multiple wall cabinets that flank a huge centre window. By creating  This specific set of valances it adds symmetry and maximises natural light from the window by imitating the curve of the actual window.

  1. Add Decorative Sashes

Allowing your kitchen window to serve a decorative purpose by using distinctive sashes or ornate glass work is a fantastic option. This strategy excels when there is only one window, which is frequently over the sink where there are few design alternatives. This single window can be made to stand out in the kitchen by adding ornate mullions and leaded or stained glass. 

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