Conservatories in Winter: 3 Common Problems

29 November 2021

In the winter, conservatories can be a great place to spend time during the cold months. They offer a warm and inviting space that can help you forget about how cold it is outside. However, there are some common problems that people experience with their conservatory in winter. Here are some of the most common ones!

Leaks and Water Problems

Plumbing leaks from pipes freezing up are one of the most common and most costly issues homeowners may face in winter. Pipes that are located close to walls or windows can freeze if they get too cold, causing them to rupture at some point when you turn on the water later on. If this happens, it is best to have a professional come over so that they can do the repairs. Any pipes in your conservatory should be checked regularly when the temperature drops below zero, especially any pipes that are exposed to the elements. Heating or covering your pipes can help avoid this expensive issue.

Mould Problems

Mould is a common problem for conservatories in winter. Moisture from water pooling on windows and condensation can lead to mould growth. You want to reduce the humidity in your conservatory as much as possible if you find that this is a problem for your space. This may mean opening up some of the vents so they do not get too damp or using dehumidifiers.

Draughts and Cold Air Problems

Draughts can also cause problems for your conservatory. If you find that there is cold air coming into the space or that it just feels drafty, then this can be caused by gaps in doors and windows, where they meet the floor or ceiling, as well as poor insulation on glass roofs. Take some time to caulk all of these spaces so that air cannot come in, and add some insulation to the glass roofs so that you can maintain the temperature inside your conservatory. You should also ensure your conservatory glass is double glazed, to help keep as much heat in as possible. This not only keeps your conservatory warm but makes your home more energy-efficient overall.

For more information on common problems with conservatories in winter and how they might be resolved, use our handy tool to find an installer near you.