Conservatories: What Are The Different Types?

20 October 2020

If you’re looking to make the most of the sunshine, a conservatory is a perfect place to relax in the sun and draw in natural light into your home – especially as the days get darker. 

But not all conservatories are the same, with different types suiting different styles of homes. 

You may be wondering what are the different types of conservatories on the market and which is best for your home? 

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the different conservatory types available so you can choose the right conservatory for you. 

Conservatory styles include: 

  • Lean-to conservatories
  • Gable-ended conservatories 
  • Victorian conservatories
  • Edwardian conservatories 

Different types of conservatories 

  1. Lean-to Conservatory 

Also known as Mediterranean conservatories, lean-to conservatories are one of the most popular types of conservatory. 

Making the most of limited space, lean-to conservatories are an effective way to add extra living space for smaller properties or properties with limited outdoor space. 

Lean-to conservatories are well-suited for bungalows or awkwardly-shaped properties that cannot accommodate other types of conservatories. 

With their simple and minimalist design, lean-to conservatories give a contemporary look. 

  1.  Gable-ended Conservatories

For a more grand aesthetic, a gable-ended conservatory is a good choice. 

Gable end conservatories offer you added height, giving a feeling of extra space,

Unlike other conservatories, the front of a gable end conservatory roof doesn’t slope back to the center but instead, it stays upright. 

Gable-ended conservatories have an imposing appearance that is perfect for period homes. 

  1. Victorian Conservatories 

Victorian conservatories are traditional conservatories that suit most styles of homes. 

With a pitched roof and three or five facets that project out, Victorian conservatories offer excellent views of the outdoors and attract outside light. 

Victorian conservatories have a versatile appearance that wouldn’t look out of place attached to any home. 

  1. Edwardian Conservatories 

Edwardian conservatories are similar to Victorian conservatories, as they both have pitched roofs. 

However, where they differ is Edwardian conservatories have a square or rectangular design, to maximize living space. 

Edwardian conservatories have a bold and sleek style that compliments your home. 

A new or replacement conservatory

The truth is, there is a conservatory type for every style of home. 

The type of conservatory you choose is mainly dependent on your personal preference and what you want from your conservatory. 

Now equipped with more information on some of the conservatory types available, you may be interested in purchasing a new conservatory or even replacing your existing conservatory. 

Before you start picking out the conservatory furniture, the first step is finding a trusted conservatory installer. 

Use our online installer search tool to find a conservatory company near you.