Why you should choose Liniar uPVC frames for your home

26 March 2019
Updated 14 June 2019

The many benefits of uPVC windows can often make it hard to choose between the numerous manufacturers. One provider may claim to be the most secure while another might claim to be the most energy-efficient, forcing you to prioritise one benefit above another.

Recognising the need to provide homeowners with an all-round product that has no shortfalls, Liniar has developed a uPVC window system that will provide your home with the complete solution.

So why choose Liniar uPVC frames for your home?

Read on to discover the reasons we recommend Liniar uPVC frames to all homeowners looking to have total peace of mind.


Whenever we speak to homeowners looking to buy uPVC, a priority that always ranks highly is the security of the frame itself. As you can imagine, windows are one of the easiest entry-points to the home, which is why we take window security so seriously.

Liniar have built a great reputation for the security of their frames, which is why they are our top-recommended manufacturer. As a Secured by Design-accredited manufacturer, the build of Liniar’s frames is second-to-none and assures homeowners that they needn’t worry about their window frame compromising the security of their home.

Thermal efficiency

While energy-efficiency ratings can be confusing, the simplest way at looking at them is; the higher the efficiency rating, the better the window frame will be at retaining heat inside your home.

uPVC is known for being a low conductor of heat, therefore retaining warmth better than other window frame types – this is boosted by the inclusion of multiple chambers within the frame itself.

Liniar boasts a fantastic energy efficiency rating and in fact holds the most thermally-efficient 70mm window system on the market. They’ve achieved this by designed a custom system from scratch, which calls on a number of inimitable components.

A multi-chambered frame locks in pockets of warm air, which goes a long way to creating a barrier between the indoor and outdoor temperatures.  Liniar’s patented, double-action ‘bubble’ gaskets maintain a tight weather seal that also act as a gatekeeper to the exterior weather, ensuring no cold comes in. On top of all this, their unique ‘glazing flipper’ gasket reduces noise pollution and cold transfer, ensuring their system goes one further than any manufacturer aiming only to achieve great thermal efficiency.  All these components come together to create one of the highest-quality window frames on the market.

With energy bills seemingly only to increase, the energy efficiency of homes is a more important issue than ever – you can read our article explaining energy efficiency ratings here.


uPVC has proven to be one of the most environmentally-friendly materials for use on windows and doors.

Using Liniar uPVC, you can rest assured that your home is having a positive impact on the planet.

Outside of their fantastic energy efficiency rating (meaning that your home will let out less heat and therefore contribute less to global warming), Liniar’s frames are all manufactured lead-free and inside the UK.

Not only does this cut Liniar’s carbon footprint, but because they’re made completely out of recyclable material, it also means that anyone who owns a Liniar window frame can recycle it hassle-free once it’s come to the end of its life.


Last but not least is Liniar’s ability to be easily customised.

Other than having custom-made frames made of a specific material (and therefore sacrificing the many benefits that uPVC brings), it’s hard to find a supplier that gives you the ability to have a completely custom colour, texture or design.

Many uPVC manufacturers claim to have a highly-customisable frame, however only offer a small selection of window types – or even worse, offering high customisability at the cost of a good uPVC frame.

Liniar’s custom colour/texture choice trumps the majority of other providers, whilst never a step back in their mission to provide great designs and other benefits. Using our quotebuilder tool, you can build your own custom Liniar uPVC window frame and see their extensive level of custom features yourself.

All in all, Liniar uPVC frames tick all the boxes that homeowners have when deciding on a window frame. Their systems are known throughout Europe as the gold-standard, which is why we’re so keen to help our customers find them.

You can find your nearest Liniar installer by using our handy installer search tool.