Beating the summer heat – How certain window and door types improve air flow through the home

28 August 2018
Updated 21 September 2022

Continuing on with our topic of beating the summer heat, in this week’s article we’ll be looking at the kinds of windows that are best suited to creating greater airflow through the home. Any client that asks how to make their home cooler should be aware of the affect poor airflow has on the heat of a home.

So what causes poor airflow

One of the most common culprits of poor air flow is the mistake of only opening a single door or window as an inlet. To create proper air flow through the home you need both an intake and outlet. Opening windows at opposite ends of the home will provide this.

As well as this, advise customers to make sure there are no obstructions. This includes internal doors, or even the fittings on your windows, such as a curtain. These small diversions to air flow can make large impacts on how much cool air is circulating through your home.

Keeping secure

Although opening your windows is a great way to create better airflow throughout your home, you should always make sure to keep secure when doing so. Never leave your windows or doors unopened when you are not in the house. If you have a window open in a room you are not using, whilst in the house, consider using some safety precautions. We have plenty of bespoke solutions available.

Can your Window and door choices help?

Whilst all windows can aid with better airflow, if a new set is required and proper airflow is a concern, there are certain models better suited to it.

The Tilt & Turn is both elegant and secure, but in this case specifically, the utility of the Liniar Tilt & Turn is where it really shines. The uPVC Tilt & Turns wide range of motion make it unbeatable when it comes to directing air through your home. In the case of doors, both the Liniar bi-fold and Liniar French door are best in class when it comes to providing a cool breeze through the home.

Will my windows get damaged if I leave them open all the time?

Unlike wooden or aluminium frames which over time will suffer under the elements, our Liniar uPVC windows and doors don’t warp under the pressure. We even provide large insurance periods for warping and cracking, so we’ve got you covered.

If you have a client looking for new windows and doors, our powerful quote builder tool provides fast, free quotes based on your requirements that can then be carried out by one of our trusted installers. If you have any further questions, get in touch with our team, we’re always happy to help.