Design Dilemmas: Anthracite Grey Windows on a Red Brick House – Is It A Good Idea?

31 May 2024

When it comes to home design, selecting the right colour scheme for your windows can significantly influence your property’s overall aesthetic. One modern choice that has gained popularity in recent years is anthracite grey windows. However, pairing these sleek, contemporary frames with the traditional look of a red brick house can pose a design dilemma.

Today, we will take a look at the potential challenges and offer tips on how to make this combination work beautifully, ensuring your home remains cohesive and stylish.

The Appeal of Anthracite Grey Windows

Anthracite grey windows have become a favourite among homeowners and designers for several reasons. This dark, rich grey colour exudes a sense of modern sophistication and elegance that lighter, more traditional window frames often lack.

The versatility of anthracite grey allows it to complement various exterior materials and colours, making it a popular choice for contemporary and transitional home styles. Additionally, darker window frames can be more forgiving when it comes to showing dirt and wear, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Many anthracite grey windows are also available with advanced glazing options that enhance energy efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable and comfortable living environment.

Combining Anthracite Grey with Red Brick

Red brick houses are timeless and classic, providing warmth and character to a home. The challenge lies in ensuring that the contemporary vibe of anthracite grey windows complements, rather than clashes with, the traditional red brick facade.

The key to achieving a harmonious look is to balance the modern elegance of the grey windows with the rustic charm of the red brick.

Balance and Contrast

One of the primary considerations when combining anthracite grey windows with red brick is the contrast that the dark frames create against the warm, earthy tones of the brick. This striking contrast can be both a benefit and a challenge.

To balance this contrast, consider using neutral or complementary colors for the trim and detailing around the windows. Whites, creams, or even lighter greys can create a softer transition between the red brick and the dark window frames. Additionally, ensuring that the window frames and panes are proportionate to the overall facade will help maintain visual harmony. Large windows can serve as focal points, drawing the eye and adding a touch of modernity, while smaller windows can provide subtle accents.

Complementary Elements

Incorporating other design elements that tie the windows and the red brick together can create a cohesive look. For instance, matching or complementing the anthracite grey with roof tiles, gutters, and fascias can unify the exterior design.

Consider using an anthracite grey front door or one in a similar dark shade to create a seamless colour scheme. Outdoor furniture, planters, and exterior lighting in anthracite grey or complementary colours can also enhance the overall aesthetic, creating a well-coordinated and polished look.


Landscaping plays a significant role in blending modern and traditional elements. Lush greenery and colourful plants can soften the stark contrast between red brick and anthracite grey, adding natural elements that enhance the overall appeal.

Grey stone or slate pathways and patios can complement the window frames, further integrating the design elements into a cohesive whole. Thoughtfully chosen landscaping can transform the space around your home, making the transition between the red brick and grey windows feel natural and intentional.

Interior Considerations

It’s essential to consider the view from inside your home as well. Ensure that the interior window frames match or complement your interior decor. Anthracite grey frames can look stunning with modern, minimalist, or industrial interior styles, adding a touch of elegance and continuity between the exterior and interior design. Window treatments, such as blinds or curtains in complementary colours, can enhance the overall look, providing both functionality and style.

Examples of Successful Combinations

Seeing real-life examples can be incredibly helpful in visualising how anthracite grey windows can work with red brick houses. For a modern industrial look, pair anthracite grey windows with exposed red brick, black iron fixtures, and industrial-style lighting.

This combination creates a chic, urban vibe that feels both edgy and inviting. For those who prefer a blend of classic and contemporary styles, consider combining traditional red brick with anthracite grey windows, white trim, and lush landscaping. This approach balances the modern and traditional elements, resulting in an elegant and timeless look. For a more minimalist approach, use clean lines and minimalistic design elements to let the contrast between the red brick and anthracite grey windows make a bold statement.

Combining anthracite grey windows with a red brick house can create a stunning and sophisticated look when done thoughtfully. By balancing contrast, you can achieve a harmonious and stylish appearance that enhances the beauty of your home.

Embrace the design dilemma and turn it into a design triumph with these tips and ideas. With careful planning and attention to detail, your red brick house with anthracite grey windows can become a striking example of modern elegance meeting timeless tradition.