Add value to your home with uPVC

5 July 2019
Updated 9 July 2019

If you’re planning on selling your house, or even if you aren’t, making home improvements that will add value to your property is something you need to consider.

It is likely there are opportunities for different upgrades and renovations in your home that will increase the sale price of your house. Whether you want to create more space, lower the cost of bills or just make a more aesthetically pleasing home, read on to find out how uPVC can assist in providing valuable, simplistic home improvements.

Improving security

As a homeowner, making your home as secure as possible is likely to be a priority.

Windows are usually considered the weakest point of a home’s security, however with Liniar’s uPVC windows, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Liniar is one of the UK’s leading uPVC manufacturers, and as a Secured By Design approved manufacturer, it meets the gold standard in home Security.

New homes, which are fitted with Secured by Design frames, have seen an 87% reduction in burglaries, proving that these products can be the difference between a safe home and a vulnerable home.

Making it your own

Creating curb appeal is a great way to improve the selling price of a property. It comes down to the fact that the more appealing your house looks, the more people will be initially interested in it.

Recognising customisation as an important part of improving aesthetic, Liniar have ensured their uPVC products have hundreds of unique design, colour, texture and hardware combinations. Every home looks different, so why should all windows look the same.

Choosing uPVC doors, for example, will give your home all the fantastic benefits of uPVC, with the look and style of any door you like. With colours/textures ranging from a modern Smooth Anthracite to the classic Irish Oak, there’s no limit on the personalisation available via our network of uPVC door installers.

Even uPVC patio or french doors can be customised down to the doorknobs, allowing you to add a personal touch to your home and make it stand out from the rest.

Use our handy QuoteBuilder tool to see the full extent of customisation available in uPVC windows and doors.

Increasing space

One of the most obvious ways to improve your home’s value is by increasing its size, however this isn’t always straightforward.

Planning and building extensions can be expensive and often prove a long
process due to the design and planning required. A loft conversion may be an option, but they require stair access which means you could have to sacrifice space elsewhere in the home.

This is where uPVC conservatories shine.

Often requiring less time and money to build than an extension, conservatories are now becoming the preferred way for homeowners to create additional living space, whilst also adding value to their home. Read more here about the many benefits they bring.

If you’re unsure of the best ways you can improve your home using uPVC, be sure to visit our inspirations page for some great ideas, or find a uPVC installer near you today to start adding value to your home.