5 signs it is time to replace your windows

28 March 2018
Updated 17 August 2023

The importance of maintaining your windows condition in your house is crucial. Windows help keep the warmth of your heating inside, as well as having an effect on the appearance of your home. Double glazed windows, in particular, are extremely effective at ensuring your home receives the most heat from your heating. Well-maintained windows can last in a home for 20 years or more, but what are the signs you need to replace them?

They’re damaged or broken

There are several signs to tell if your windows are damaged, and minor problems such as needing new weatherstripping can lead to bigger problems if you don’t get them sorted quickly. Although you can repair most minor damages, the most efficient way is to often replace your windows. There are more obvious signs to replace your windows; do your windows fog up? Do they regularly let drafts in? Do they refuse to stay open? These are just a few of the signs that suggest you need to replace your windows. If you’re looking for local window fitters then we might be able to help you.

Energy bills are increasing

If your energy bills are increasing on a monthly basis then the likelihood is that your windows need replacing. There is a high chance that the windows are letting in drafts which can increase your energy bill by 25%. Having double glazed windows is an essential part of the reduction of energy bills, but what use are they if they need replacing? Ensuring you get new windows installed with the right double glazing installer is vital, so why not get a double glazing quote online?

Outside noise

Are your windows closed and you can still hear the outside noise clearly? The chances are that your windows aren’t providing enough acoustic insulation. Not only is this annoying when you are watching television, but it can also keep you awake at night and affect your sleeping. Ensuring you have the best double glazed windows comes down to the installer, most local window installers will provide a competitive quote in order to get your windows replaced as soon as possible.


Do your windows look old and tired? Are they bringing the overall appearance of your house down?  If your windows are old then they may be outdated and you should consider replacing them. Having windows that compliment the rest of your home give it a more warm feeling and you will notice the appearance of your house improve. This can be very beneficial when it comes to selling your home.

Single pane windows

Single pane windows are a thing of the past and double glazed or triple glazed windows are vital to have in your home. Single pane windows are below standard, they let more draughts increasing the cost of energy bills. If your home has single-paned windows then it is time to replace them, contact your local window fitters today and start receiving some competitive double glazing quotes for your home.

Now you know the signs to replace your windows, why not check yours out for yourself? If you believe your windows need replacing then look for a double glazing quote online. Ensuring your home’s windows are the best they can be is vital to reducing energy bills and increasing warmth within your home.