4 key signs you should have your door replaced

30 April 2018
Updated 11 June 2018

While most homeowners are well informed on how and when they should be replacing their windows, doors often get neglected. They are however arguably more important than windows in ensuring your home is secure, energy efficient and looks appealing. Below we’ve listed the main signs that can tell you it’s time to replace your door. Below are our top 4 signs to look out for when deciding whether it’s time to replace your door.

You experience regular drafts in your home

The amount of energy loss and cold air that can occur due to the smallest of faults in your door far exceeds the level any homeowner would expect and over time can cost you large amounts of money in unnecessary heating.

Whilst weather stripping is a cheap solution, in the long run it will never provide the airtight seal a new door will.

Your door frequently sticks or is difficult to open

A door that sticks or jams can indicate that your door or door-frame has become warped or misaligned. This can be due to a number of factors, such as whether exposure or miss use. However, this can be the cause of more pressing issues that ease of use. A warped door that sticks will likely have areas that are exposed at opposite points, meaning energy loss or more drafts and is a big indicator you should consider replacing it.

Moisture or mould is present in your door windows

Over time the seals on your doors windows can begin to wear away which will allow moisture to enter. This can lead to mould and mildew if left too long without proper care or remedy and in the long run if not fixed will require you to completely replace your door. Much like with water damage, excessive damage from the mould can affect the structural integrity of your door.

Your door is weathered, warped, or cracked

Doors naturally go through a lot of wear and tear during their lifetime. They are exposed to the elements year round and are frequently opened, closed and sometimes slammed, which will undoubtedly cause mounting damage. Temperature changes cause frames and doors to expand and contract whilst usage can over time cause cracks and in some cases major breakages.

If you have a wooden door, water damage can also be a major concern, as it can cause your door to become soft and break easily. If your door has water damage you should immediately replace it as its structural integrity will be heavily compromised. The same goes for a kind of infestation by insects. Even as little as 10% of your doors structure being compromised is a huge cause for concern and can cause issues with safety and energy efficiency.

Look out for the telltale signs indicating deeper problems such as chipped wood, hairline cracks or your door sticking or jamming.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues and are looking for advice or quotation for a new door, why not find a door fitter online? Alternatively, you can use our online QuoteBuilder to get a free no obligation quote.