3 key features of Double Glazed Flush Sash Windows

25 July 2018

Although unique in name, you may be familiar with the traditional design of our Flush Sash Windows. A timeless design featured in homes throughout the UK, these windows give any property a elegant and classic look that lasts.

Is it time to replace your old timber windows with a new secure and efficient set? Like all of our products, the Liniar Flush Sash Windows are made with the latest innovative uPVC and double glazing technology. Providing a touch of elegance and luxury to your home, DGN windows are the perfect choice for those who are looking to replace their old windows.

Save on heating costs

Our energy efficient Flush Sash windows insulate your home by combining advanced Liniar uPVC frames with the highest quality double glazing, creating an insulating barrier between the elements and your home. This all leads to a reduced amount of lost warmth as well as helping to maintain regular indoor temperature, meaning your home is more comfortable year round without the need for excessive heating and cooling system use. Which saves you money.

Say goodbye to maintenance

With long-lasting performance, DGNs Flush Sash windows require little to no upkeep. With uPVC frames that will last you years without warping or discolouring, your windows maintain they new feel with less maintenance. This window will retain its beauty for years due to our high standards in manufacturing for increased durability.

Built to your specifications

At DGN we pride ourselves on our ability to provide unbeatable customisation options, from hardware to frame colour your new windows can be as unique as you desire. With the beauty of traditional casement windows mixed with a modern style, our Flush Sash Windows allow more natural light into your home.

Have confidence in your installer

Ensuring that our valued customers receive the highest service standards is paramount. That’s why we partner with the most reputable installers across the UK. As such we vet installers we partner with, to verify they meet our standards and yours. To find your local window fitter, use our window installer locator tool which will provide you with all you need to get started.

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