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Energy Efficient Triple Glazing

The only uPVC window specifically designed for triple glazing.


Enhanced Security

A third pane of glass provides an extra layer of defence against an attempt to break-in.


Noise Reduction

A second unit cavity makes sound wave transfer more difficult, providing superior noise reduction.


Energy Retention

With the 36mm glazing bead, our triple glazed units can achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/(m²-K).

Liniar Triple Glazing

Triple glazing will significantly improve the thermal efficiency and sound insulation of your home. With three unique features, we offer the only UK window profile system specifically designed for triple glazing. The Liniar triple glazing system will improve the thermal efficiency of your home by offering a multitude of energy saving benefits.

6 Chambered Liniar Profile

Our 6 chambered profile is unique to Liniar and offers luxury insulation especially when compared to other uPVC systems on the market.

40mm Glazing Bead

Designed to accommodate a 40mm triple glazed unit, the Liniar triple glazing system is uniquely manufactured. The ‘flatter’ glazing bead allows the frame to fit perfectly into a thicker triple glazed unit.

Trojan ‘Mega Egress’ Hinge

Larger and more structurally secure, our Trojan ‘Mega Egress’ hinge is ideal for triple glazing. Superior to standard hinges, the ‘Mega Egress’ hinge has great integral strength.

Superior Efficiency

Our 40mm sealed unit can achieve U-values as low as 1.0W/(m2K). This multi-chambered profile helps to provide a consistent level of efficiency all around your home.

How Can You Benefit From Triple Glazing?

A triple glazed unit can be hugely beneficial to your home, with the chief advantage being thermal insulation. If double glazing isn't helping you save energy then triple glazing could be the answer for a warmer and more efficient home.

A Warmer & More Comfortable Home

If you are looking to enhance heat retention within your home then triple glazing will help you to maintain a consistent level of warmth. The 40mm glazing bead allows our triple glazed units to achieve extremely low U values. A low U value combined with a high level of solar heat gain makes a triple glazed unit extremely energy efficient. This high level of thermal efficiency means cold spots are eliminated.

Enhanced Security

The extra pane of glass which triple glazing provides offers greater security for your home. Triple glazing makes a window a lot harder to break, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your window is incredibly secure.

High Acoustic Performance

Minimise outside noise levels and enhance your home privacy with triple glazing. Liniar triple glazed windows are optimised to deliver an excellent acoustic performance. A second unit cavity makes sound wave transfer more difficult allowing you to benefit from a high level of noise reduction.