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uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Versatile tilt and turn windows are both attractive and functional.


Secure Ventilation

Convenient 'tilt-only' function provides additional ventilation without compromising security.


Integrated Hardware

UNI-JET concealed gearing is better looking and more secure than outdated face-fix gearing.


European Aesthetic

Clean straight lines and crisp, concise detailing combine with fully integrated hardware.


Corrosion Resistance

'FerGUard*silver' surface coating ensures long-term corrosion protection at no extra cost.



90° turn action allows easy exterior access, ideal for upstairs windows or high-rise accommodation.


Superior Weather Sealing

A continuous rebate gasket prevents condensation whilst enhancing sound-proofing.

Liniar Tilt and Turn Windows 

Our uPVC tilt & turn windows offer the very best of security and design. The Liniar tilt & turn window will provide you with secure and unobtrusive ventilation, whilst allowing you to enjoy a wonderful outside view. Highly versatile and multi functional, our Liniar tilt and turn windows are a very practical double glazing choice especially if you are looking for versatility, style and function.

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative Design - Offering increased security, an easy clean function and an attractive European aesthetic, a Liniar tilt and turn window is a superb choice. Their desirable style is transferable across contemporary and traditional homes.
  • 100% Lead Free - Our Liniar tilt and turn windows are produced from a lead free material. Providing an environmentally friendly product, we meet legislation ahead of time.
  • Concealed Gearing - Our tilt and turn windows have concealed gearing which is used as standard. This provides you with better looks and performance in comparison to outdated face-fix gearing.
  • Continuous Interior Gasket - A continuous interior rebate gasket enhances weatherability as well as sound insulation.
  • Fully Integrated Hardware - Our integrated hardware means no visible components on show, providing a beautiful, modern and minimalist aesthetic.
  • Anti-Corrosion - A 'FerGUard Silver' surface coating is used to ensure long term protection against corrosion. Your uPVC Liniar tilt and turn window will never rust or fade.
  • Low Maintenance - The advantage of a versatile turning action allows the window to be easily accessed from the inside and outside, allowing for safe and easy cleaning; ideal for flats and high rise buildings.
  • High Security Locks - The Liniar tilt and turn window comes fitted with a secure and approved locking system as standard. Additional security upgrades are also available upon request. All of our Liniar windows meet the highest of security standards.
  • Effective Ventilation - Tilt and turn windows provide secure and effective ventilation as they can be positioned into a tilt only angle, creating a small opening at the top of the window. This allows fresh air to circulate, whilst keeping your property safe.
  • Colour Options - A variety of colour finishes are available to personalise the exact look you desire. Choose from the classic White, Irish Oak or Cream or our range of bespoke colours such as Grey, Black or Chartwell Green.