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uPVC Sash Horn Windows

The refined alternative to sliding sash windows.


Authentic Looks

Preserve the look of wooden box sash windows and maintain the integrity of your property.


Hand Finishing

Every window undergoes stringent hand finishing for an unrivalled level of product quality.


Security Assured

Windows with Yale shootbolt locking are covered by a money-back promise in the event of a break-in.


Yale 10 Year Guarantee

Yale shootbolt locking systems are guaranteed against mechanical failure for 10 years.


Integrated Horns

Our sash horns are a single piece of uPVC for a better look than screw-on alternatives.


Superior Weather Sealing

Continuous sash seal (incorporating special horn gaskets) gives protection against the harshest conditions.

Liniar Sash Horn Windows

Traditional aesthetics combined with modern materials makes the Liniar sash horn window superior in both form and functionality. Liniar sash horn windows are a superb option for traditional homes that are looking to maintain their character and charm. Although perfectly matched to more period properties, Liniar sash horn windows also make a great window choice for modern properties that wish to incorporate a traditional feel. Being structurally reliable, energy efficient and hand finished, Liniar sash horn windows are suitable for any property.

Features & Benefits

  • Authenticity - The Liniar sash horn window is traditional in appearance, posessing the classic look of the standard wooden box-sash window; ideal for home owners looking to preserve the authenticity of their property.
  • Classic Appearance - These windows feature fully integrated sash horns as a continuation of the outer frame, providing a beautiful and classic appearance.
  • 100% Lead Free - A Liniar sash horn window profile is 100% lead free, making them extremely environmentally friendly.
  • 100% Recyclable - Our range of sash horn windows are also 100% recyclable effectively reducing your carbon footprint, further helping improve the environment.
  • Thermally Efficient - All Liniar windows are highly energy efficient 'A' rated windows as standard. By installing a Liniar sash horn window you will benefit from free solar heat and cheaper heating bills.
  • Enhanced Strength - Our sash horn windows feature CNC machined sash jambs for enhanced strength and an overall better quality finish.
  • High Security - A continuous Eurogroove detail allows for a high security shootbolt locking system. Their incredible resistance to break-ins makes them an ideal choice for window replacement.
  • Weather Resistant - An uninterrupted gasket seal is placed around the sash perimeter with additional horn seals for enhanced weather resistance. No matter the season, the Liniar sash horn window will keep your home weather tight.