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uPVC French Casement Windows

The most important factor of our business is the quality of our products.


Flying Mullion

When opened fully, one sash carries the central mullion for a completely unrestricted view.


Controlled Ventilation

The master sash can be opened independently from the slave sash for variable ventilation.


90° Hinge Opening

Sashes can open a full 90°, creating a greater feeling of space whilst letting in more light.


Fire Escape

French casements are Part B* compliant, ideal for narrow openings that need to be fire escapes.


Environmentally Friendly

Like all our uPVC products, French casements are 100% lead free and 100% recyclable.


Easy to Clean

Easy-clean hinge option makes our French casement windows extremely low maintenance.

Liniar French Casement Windows

Enjoy unobstructed views with our beautiful French casement windows. Our Liniar French casement windows open to a full 90 degree angle, offering wide and unrestricted space. So not only do our French casement windows offer an uninhibited view but they also enable you to make a swift exit in case of an emergency. The practicality of these windows makes them a popular choice. Their single lever latch design makes them very easy to open and close, making them ideal for hard to reach places in the home.

Transform Your Home

The wider feeling of space that is created is perfect for enhancing the freshness and airiness of your home. Unlike casement windows, a Liniar French casement window contains a flying mullion which, when opened fully creates a completely unrestricted view.  This also makes the wide opening ideal for an emergency exit. 

Secure Ventilation

Our Liniar French casement windows are fitted with a controlled ventilation device that creates variable ventilation. Our uPVC French casement windows allow both vents to be opened fully as well as independently. An excellent way to allow fresh air to circulate during the night without compromising on your security.

Low Maintenance

Exceptionally low maintenance, the option of easy clean hinges make our French casement windows a superb option for a busy lifestyle. The easy to clean hinges allow you to have access to both faces of the French casement window, which is particularly useful in a high rise property or an upstairs window.

High Security

All our Liniar casement windows benefit from the revolutionary Yale shootbolt locking system. The Double Glazing Network are approved suppliers of high security Yale hardware and therefore offer a range of secure locking systems.

French Casement Window Options

There is also a diverse colour range available so you can find the ideal look for your home. These come in a variety of standard colours such as White, Cream or Irish Oak, and a bespoke range including, Chartwell Green or Grey.

Features and Benefits

  • A flying mullion is attached to the master sash for a sleek and smooth profile.
  • Even smaller openings are Building Regulations Part B compliant.
  • Our French casement windows come with optional "Easy-Clean" hinges for quick and low maintenance cleaning.