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Bow and Bay Windows

Add character to your home, enhance your view and gain extra living space with our beautiful uPVC bay and bow windows.

Offering a contemporary design, our stylish uPVC bow and bay windows feature conservative trim detailing. This preserves period charm whilst adding an attractive, yet subtle, modern twist.

Features and Benefits

When you choose a bow or bay window from your local Double Glazing Network Dealer, you will benefit from the following:

  • Equal Glass Area - Additional ‘dummy sashes’ are fitted to create equal sightlines, enhancing the appearance of your home.
  • Slim Sightlines - With slim sightlines you benefit from increased light entering your home and enhanced views outwards.
  • Bow-Bay Conversion - Transform a flat window into a wonderful bow-bay and create a heightened sense of space.
  • Structural Bay Poles - Bay poles can be carried through the cill onto a hidden bearing plate to take structural loads.
  • Joint Coupling - Clever interior and exterior joint couplings are designed to prevent dust traps forming to make upkeep easy.
  • Welded One-Piece Cill - The external cill is welded together to create a single complete cill underneath all of the uPVC frames.
  • Range of Styles - Liniar bow and bay windows are available in a wide range of styles including 3 facet, 5 facet or box bay.
  • Attractive Features - A Liniar UPVC bow and bay window is an excellent choice for preserving period charm with a stylish contemporary design.

uPVC Bay Windows

A beautiful choice, Bay windows let in a vast amount of natural light making a room appear bigger and brighter. These uPVC windows provide a wide, non obstructed view creating a feeling of spaciousness. Designed to project outwards from a room, their unique structure will look impressive from both the interior and exterior of your property.

Bay windows look great anywhere in the home. Popular places include kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. A popular window style, the bay window brings added light and depth, opening up your home. Their added footage provides you with extra space for ornaments or even additional seating. A bay window can be turned into a tiny cove complete with pillows. A deep shelf low to the ground will set the perfect scene.

Bay windows are often seen as the main feature of a house, capturing the eye of visitors and home buyers alike. Replacing your old bay window can breathe life back into your property, eliminating draughts and increasing the overall value.

uPVC Bow Windows

The uPVC bow window features a seamless curved design and typically combines four or more casement windows which join together to form an arch.

This unique design comprises four or more casement windows which join together creating a gradual, curved look. This round, soft angled design is also known as a ‘curved bay window.’ The uPVC bow window projects beyond the exterior wall of a property, providing a wider, scenic view. Bow windows can be installed on any level and like the bay window, they have fantastic home value potential.