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uPVC Stable Doors

Our superb range of uPVC stable doors offer versatility, style and security.



Upgrade to includean additional tilt facility and enjoy the ultimate in flexibility of operation.



Sashes disengage to allow the top half of the door to move independently from the bottom.



With the two sashes coupled together the product functions as a normal entrance door.


High Security

For your peace of mind high security locking systems are fitted as standard.


Double Drip Bars

Drip bars are fitted to both sashes of all our stable doors, as standard, to prevent water ingress.


Low Threshold

Low threshold and wheelchair threshold options are available on our stable doors.


Liniar Stable Doors

The uPVC Liniar stable door offers the very best of functionality and style. Ideal for a family household, their versatile opening arrangement allows you to keep children and pets safe whilst allowing effective ventilation.

Traditional Appearance

A popular choice for homeowners with traditional style properties, the Liniar stable door fits perfectly in a period setting. These classic, charming and quaint uPVC doors are hand finished to perfection. The classic Liniar stable door is a beautiful alternative to the standard back door.

Versatile Design

The uPVC Liniar stable door has multi operating functions. The two sections of the door can open independently as well as open as a whole. A simple turn of the handle allows the top sash to operate independently from the bottom one which allows for convenient and controlled ventilation. The top sash is also available with a tilt and turn option which provides maximum flexibility.

Secure Ventilation

These multi-functional doors have two independent opening halves which allow for quick and easy ventilation. These independent halves also help to keep your home safe and secure, allowing you to keep an eye on any pets or young children whilst having fresh air circulate your home.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Our uPVC stable doors feature Liniar's revolutionary 6 chambered uPVC profile. Uniquely manufactured, our stable doors offer superior thermal efficiency when compared to traditional uPVC doors.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured using the industry leading Liniar profile, our uPVC stable foors are made from entirely recyclable materials and are 100% lead free.

Weather Tight

Double drip bars are fitted to both sashes, preventing water ingress. These drip bars are factory fitted and supplied as standard to ensure your uPVC stable door is completely weather tight.

Low Threshold Option

Low threshold and wheelchair options are available on all our uPVC Liniar stable doors. Designed to your requirements, the Liniar stable door can be made to fit your lifestyle and home.

Features & Benefits

  • Our stable doors are built using two individual sashes securely coupled together,this means that the door can also operate as a normal residential door, with the two openings allowing the door to open as one.
  • All it takes is a simple turn of the handle to disengage the coupling, allowing the top part of the door to move independently from the bottom one.
  • We offer an additional upgrade where the top sash is built to include a tilt facility. This provides a much more flexible door operation.

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