Conservatory Planning Permission

Your new conservatory must comply with Building Regulations and also may require planning permission. Your local dealer will be able to provide the service of applying for (and in most cases, securing) planning permission.

Conservatory Planning Permission & Building Regulations

A conservatory is best described as "a building that has not less than three quarters of its roof area made of translucent materials and not less than fifty percent of its wall area made of glass". In most situations, a conservatory is usually exempt from Building Regulations.

However, when there is no door (separation) between the house (the host building) and the conservatory, or there is a radiator plumbed into the conservatory, Building Regulations will apply. Conservatories which have more than 50% of the walls and roof constructed of glass or polycarbonate, will not in the majority of cases, meet the thermal (u-value) requirements of the Building Regulations.

It is therefore recommended that a division between the host building and the Conservatory, which constitutes separation, in the form a door or doors is installed. A 'walk through' i.e. an archway, from the host building to the conservatory is against regulations.

If the answer to any of the following questions is YES, then you may be required to seek planning permission: 

  • Will any part of the proposed conservatory be visible from a road or other public right of way? (normally within 20m including footpaths)
  • Have there been any previous extensions/additions to the original property?
  • Is the property a Listed Building?
  • Is the property in a Conservation Area, or an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?
  • Are there any known restrictions or covenants regarding development on the property, such a Leasehold, Housing Association or Joint Ownership?

 For more information, visit the Government’s Planning Portal.