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Double Glazing Network

Why Choose Us?

Double Glazing Network are in a unique position to connect you to double glazing installers in your area who have approval to install market leading Liniar products.

Our network of double glazing installers across the UK have been trained and assessed to ensure that they can supply and fit Liniar uPVC windows and doors to the highest standards. They also offer complete reliability as well as superb customer service.

When you choose us to find you your double glazing installer, you are choosing high-quality products, excellent installations and fantastic customer service.

Efficient ConnectionsDouble Glazing Network

The Double Glazing Network have a simple and efficient search function to help you find your perfect double glazing installer. All it takes is your postcode and you will be connected to a variety of double glazing installers close to you who supply and fit outstanding Liniar windows and doors.

Each installer page has all the information you could require, clearly laid out so it’s easy to search through. Whether you need a new uPVC conservatory, double glazed windows or a composite door, you will be able to spot which company offers which service.

Trustworthy Reviews

Our double glazing installers are reviewed honestly and fairly by their customers on our site, so you can see if they really live up to your expectations. Each company page has a selection of the latest reviews for you to read, enabling you to be confident in their superior installation services.

Quality Products

Every installer in the Double Glazing Network offers high-quality Liniar uPVC double glazing. Whether you need uPVC windows, uPVC doors, or a uPVC conservatory, you can count on exceptional standards from this industry leading manufacturer.

We have listed some of the benefits of the Liniar uPVC range, but for more information on the exact products available, please contact your nearest installer.Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Liniar uPVC windows and doors offer exceptional energy efficiency. This is because the Liniar range all features an innovative and patented multi-chambered profile. This incredible design feature works to block cold air out and to retain warmth within your home. The best part is, because the warmth is retained, your home stays warmer for longer so you use less heating, which of course, leads to lower energy bills.

Supreme SecurityDouble Glazing Network Yale

The complete range of Liniar double glazed products offers supreme security. From multipoint Yale locking mechanisms on their uPVC windows and doors, to the patented Modlock ™ modular locking system used on their patio doors, Liniar products excel. You can be confident that your home is thoroughly protected against intruders when you opt for Liniar double glazing.

British Built

Liniar has a British supply chain which means that they design and manufacture all their double glazing products in Denby, Derbyshire. This state of the art, purpose-built facility houses the largest uPVC extrusion mixing plant in all of Europe. They also have fantastic testing abilities, so you can be sure that every product in the Liniar range has been tested to ensure it offers long-term performance and operation.

Environmentally Friendly

All Liniar uPVC profiles are completely lead-free, and in most cases, 100% recyclable too. Not only is this fantastic for the environment, but it also means that most Liniar products are able to meet legislation in advance. Where products are not 100% recyclable, they are designed to be simple to strip down so that parts can be separated for recycling or reuse.

The Liniar commitment to eco-friendly manufacture means that they even work to lower their carbon footprint by engineering, designing and manufacturing their double glazing products in the UK. Liniar are an environmentally aware company who strive to achieve the very best eco-friendly standards.Double Glazing Network

Guaranteed Products

Every product in the Liniar range are guaranteed not to rot, split or fade for ten years. This enables you to have peace of mind in the quality of the products your double glazing installer fits in your home. It’s also important as it means that in the unlikely event of there being any issues, you can come direct to Liniar, saving you time and money, the Liniar guarantee is renowned for its fairness.

Meet Your Installer

We can connect you with a selection of double glazing installers local to you with our simple search function. Just enter your postcode and search. You will be given a list of high quality local double glazing installers who can help you further.

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French Doors Double Glazing Network

The Liniar uPVC French Door

uPVC French Door, Liniar

Liniar uPVC French doors are a charming alternative to patio doors, providing plenty of light and a stylish entrance to your garden.

The Liniar uPVC French door has been designed to incorporate all of Liniar’s innovative technology. It offers superb security, impressive energy efficiency and a wonderful aesthetic.

These double glazed doors make a truly attractive alternative to uPVC patio doors or bi-folding doors, giving you a stylish and elegant entrance to your outside space. They offer versatility too, meaning that the uPVC French door is not only ideal for opening out into your garden, they can also open into your home from a balcony. This enables you to make the most of whatever outside space you have available.

Attractive, Yet High Performance uPVC French Doors

Liniar uPVC French doors offer a delightful appearance that will enhance your home, while still offering the high quality that you expect from Liniar double glazing.

Market-Leading DesignLiniar uPVC French Window

Liniar lead the way in double glazing design. Their state of the art innovations make their double glazing products achieve the highest standards and put Liniar at the peak of the industry.

The uPVC French doors from Liniar incorporate their revolutionary multi-chambered design, making them market leaders when it comes to energy efficiency. These double glazed doors have also been created with security in mind.

You can count on the very best possible quality when you choose Liniar uPVC French doors to enhance your home.

Superior Energy Efficiency

You can choose from the standard 4 chambered uPVC profile or the EnergyPlus 6 chambered profile when creating your uPVC French door. These incredibly superior uPVC profiles, when coupled with high-quality double glazing, will provide and ultra-low U value of just 1.3 W/m²K. This ensures that your home will be quieter and warmer when you select Liniar uPVC French doors.

Designed to be Securesecured by design Liniar French Doors

Liniar uPVC French doors are designed to be highly secure. Fitted with the latest high-security locking mechanisms as standard, these doors achieve Secured by Design accreditation.

This police preferred specification means that these doors have been tested against the most intense intruder techniques. You can be confident that your family and home are fully protected against break-ins when you choose a double glazed French door from Liniar.

Revolutionary Weatherproofing

Liniar’s double glazed French doors feature innovative design features in the profile that ensure they are weatherproof. To confirm this, they have been rigorously tested in Liniar’s very own testing centre against the harshest conditions.

You will be completely protected from the elements with your Liniar uPVC French door.

Liniar uPVC French Door Options

Liniar uPVC French doors are engineered to offer beauty combined with performance. You have a variety of design options available to customise these double glazed doors so that they suit your home.

These superb double glazed French doors are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. They come with a 10-year frame guarantee, so you can be confident that they will never warp, rot, or fade.

Personalise with Colour

You can personalise the appearance of your uPVC French door with a wide range of delightful colour finishes. These double glazed doors can be enhanced with colours to create the perfect fit for your home.

You also have a great variety of hardware options to choose from, enabling you to design a complete look that reflects your tastes.Double Glazing Liniar French Door

Optional Thresholds

There are a variety of low thresholds you can choose from for your Liniar uPVC French Door. Perfect for wheelchairs, buggies and those with mobility difficulties, the Liniar double glazed French door can come with an ultra-low threshold and ramp. The Liniar threshold is uniquely designed to provide robust performance and to meet current Building Regulations requirements.

Open In or Open Out

Your Liniar uPVC French doors can either open in or open out, making them a great choice for a variety of spaces. Whether you live in an apartment and are looking for a stylish door to open up your balcony, or a large home, where you want a chic entrance to your garden, these doors are perfect. Our approved fitters will ensure that your double glazed French door is installed to the highest standards, giving you the maximum benefit.

Find Your Nearest Liniar Dealer

Our great search function allows you to find your nearest double glazing installer. Just enter your postcode, and you will be provided with a list of nearby double glazing installers.

Our network of double glazing installers are all Liniar specialists, so you can count on their knowledge and experience. They will fit these exceptional uPVC French doors efficiently, to a high standard and with fantastic customer service.

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Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Door

The Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Door

uPVC Bi-Fold Door, Liniar

Liniar uPVC bi-folding doors offer homeowners a luxurious entrance to their garden combined with exceptional performance.

Liniar uPVC bi-fold doors are manufactured to achieve the very highest standards in double glazing. They incorporate cutting edge design to ensure they outperform their competitors, which is why Liniar are an industry leading manufacturer.

Liniar’s uPVC bi-fold doors offer outstanding performance which is highlighted in the great guarantees they supply with these double glazed sliding doors.

uPVC Extrusions – guaranteed for 10 years.

Moving Parts – guaranteed against failure for 5 years.

Coloured Hardware Finish – guaranteed for 1 year.

Your local installer will be able to provide you with the terms and conditions for these guarantees, so please ask them for more information.Liniar uPVC Bi-Folding Door

Market-Leading Design

One of the many reasons that Liniar are a leading double glazing manufacturer, is their commitment to innovation and state of the art design. They work to create high-performance uPVC doors, and their double glazed bi-fold doors are no exception to this.

Liniar’s sliding doors were the first in the industry to be designed from scratch. Not only that, but they were the first to be engineered, designed and manufactured in the UK.

The revolutionary Liniar bi-fold door offers supreme energy efficiency, exceptional security and outstanding weather resistance. All this comes with the beauty that is central to the bi-fold door design.

Enhancing Thermal Efficiency

Liniar’s uPVC bi-fold doors are completely cutting edge with a patented lead-free, multi-chambered profile. They achieve an ultra-low U-value of just 1.3 W/m²K when fitted with double glazing.

You will benefit from a warmer home, as heat transfer is minimised. This will also help to lower your energy bills, as you will need to use less heating to keep your home cosy and comfortable in cold weather.

Incredible Security

Your new bi-folding doors use the innovative Liniar design to offer supreme security. The slim hinges have the fixings hidden inside. Not only does this ensure the beautiful, sleek lines are maintained, but it also makes them impossible to unscrew from the outside.

You can count on the Liniar uPVC sliding door to protect your property and the people within.Liniar uPVC Bi-Folding Doors

Unparalleled Weatherproofing

One of the most impressive benefits of the Liniar uPVC bi-fold doors is the amazing weather resistance. These double glazed sliding doors have been subjected to cyclic testing in Liniar’s purpose-built lab.

They are not only weather resistant, but these uPVC bi-folding doors actually exceed the British Standards requirements when it comes to weatherproofing.

Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Door Options

Liniar’s unrivalled uPVC sliding doors offer more than just high performance in energy efficiency, security and weatherproofing, they also offer outstanding customisation options.

You can create a truly tailored double glazed bi-fold door that will enrich your home and your lifestyle. The superb wall of glass that these doors provide will enhance your experience of your property and add value to the home.

Variety of Fold Configurations

You can create the perfect fit for your home by choosing from a wide variety of fold configurations. Liniar bi-folding doors are designed to take up the minimal amount of space by folding back in a concertina motion and taking up just a few inches of space.Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

Extensive Range of Colours

The Liniar uPVC bi-fold door is available in a fantastic range of colours. You can choose the perfect match for your home and your tastes. Your new sliding doors can be tailored to reflect your personality and to blend in with your property, creating a stunning finish.

Low Thresholds

The Liniar low-threshold option is a practical option for family homes. It creates a flawless entrance and exit that comes with no need for disrupting excavation.

The low threshold is enhanced by the option of an easy-access ramp. This makes the Liniar uPVC bi-fold door perfect for wheelchairs and prams. The ramp can be created using an optional tray to seat the low threshold.

The ultra-low Liniar threshold measures at just 24mm at its highest point. It is available in a choice of silver or gold finish, designed to complement the door hardware.

Find Your Nearest Liniar Dealer

If you would like more information on the Liniar bi-fold door, we can put you in touch with your nearest installer who will be happy to help. We have a great search tool, designed to help you find a Double Glazing Network installer near to you.

Find your nearest installer now, and get a stunning uPVC bi-fold door installed into your home.

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Art On Glass in March, Cambridgeshire

Double Glazing Installer, March

Art on Glass, March, Cambridgeshire

Art on Glass is a registered Double Glazing Network Installer.  They have been in operation since 1997, serving the March, Cambridgeshire area.

Art on Glass are an approved Liniar installer, so you know that when you choose them for your replacement double glazing in March, you are choosing high-quality products.  You can create a stunning appearance for your much-loved home with new double glazed windows and doors, and Art on Glass are a highly respected installer, who achieve fantastic customer reviews.

They are number one for double glazing installations in March, Cambridgeshire.  They offer an extensive range of home improvements, such as uPVC doors, composite doors, casement windows, sash windows and tilt and turn windows, as well as conservatories and many other home improvement products. They also supply and fit aluminium bi-fold doors.

Why are Art on Glass the Leading Installer in March?Double Glazing March

Art on Glass pride themselves on exceptional customer service, perfect installations and this is combined with the high-quality double glazing that only Liniar could provide.

They have extensive experience in the industry, giving them the skills and knowledge to complete double glazing installations to the highest standards.

They offer in-house manufacturing, with an impressive 3-5 day turnaround, so you won’t have a lengthy wait for your double glazing.

They also offer bespoke glass table tops, mirrors, coloured splash backs and even cat flaps, giving you the perfect opportunity to have glass products that reflect your personality and tastes.

Superior Products

You can count on superior products from Art on Glass in March.  This superb double glazing installer offer the very latest in double glazing design and technology to ensure that you receive double glazing which excels in all areas of performance.

High SecurityDouble Glazing March

Art on Glass offer double glazed windows and doors that are fitted with the most cutting edge security features so that you can be confident your home is protected.

Their uPVC windows and doors, as well as their uPVC conservatories, are fitted with high-quality Yale locking mechanisms.  Not only are these locks the nation’s favourites, they are also exceptional when it comes to deterring intruders.

Every Yale lock comes with a 10-year mechanical guarantee, as well as £1000 towards your home contents insurance in the unlikely event your property is broken into.  These Yale locking mechanisms are so secure, that they are accredited by Secured by Design, the police preferred specification.  You really can have complete confidence in your home and family being protected.

Supreme Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of Liniar double glazing, is the supreme energy efficiency it offers.  These amazing uPVC windows, uPVC doors and uPVC conservatories offer outstanding levels of thermal performance.

This is due to Liniar’s innovative and patented multi-chambered profile design.  It works to lock warm air within your home while blocking cold air outside.  You will enjoy a warmer home with these uPVC windows and doors, and the best bit, is that your energy bills could decrease, as you’ll need less heating.

Art on Glass are proud to be able to offer such high-quality windows and doors to their customers in March.  They are approved by Liniar to supply and fit their complete range of double glazing, ensuring that you get the market leading products for your home improvements.Double Glazing March

Double Glazed Conservatories in March

Art on Glass will help you to create the perfect uPVC conservatory for your home.  They offer a wide variety of styles including Victorian conservatories, Edwardian conservatories, gable end conservatories, lean-to conservatories and bespoke conservatories.

Whatever style of property you have, Art on Glass will have the perfect conservatory for you.  Every conservatory they offer is tailored to your specifications, giving you choices of colours and woodgrain finishes, door styles, and decorative glass.

Your double glazed conservatory will enhance your home and provide you with additional space to enjoy all year round.  These conservatories also offer superb energy efficiency, weatherproofing and security, so you can be confident that not only does your conservatory look fantastic, but its performance is amazing too.Conservatory March

Double Glazing Prices

Art on Glass strive to provide competitive prices to March Cambridgeshire homeowners.  You can get your own personalised double glazing guide price through their online quote calculator.  It takes just a few moments of your time to provide you with a double glazing quote tailored to your specifications.


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Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Door

The Liniar uPVC French Casement Window

Liniar uPVC French Casement Window

Liniar uPVC French casement windows add an element of European charm to your home, as well as unfettered views.

Manufactured in the UK, the Liniar uPVC French casement window is one of the most stylish windows that you can choose for your home. These beautiful double glazed windows incorporate all of Liniar’s market leading innovation, making them a superior window option.

The quality of the Liniar uPVC French casement window is unrivalled. You are able to count on their long-term performance too, as Liniar provide a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on these windows. It covers the superb, high-performance frame, giving you complete confidence.

Flawless uPVC French Casement Window Profile

You will benefit from a flawless fit with your uPVC French casement window, resulting in no gaps or draughts.Liniar uPVC French Window

The Liniar French casement window was completely redesigned from scratch in 2007. Using the latest innovations and technology, the double glazed French casement window offers supreme performance combined with exceptional beauty.

These delightful windows are energy efficient, secure and weatherproofed, protecting your home in a variety of ways. They have been created to offer a stylish and appealing appearance that hides their impressive capabilities.

When you choose uPVC French casement windows from Liniar for your home improvements, you will benefit from a chic and streamlined appearance coupled with exceptional performance.

Superb Energy Efficiency Liniar uPVC French Window

The uPVC French casement window incorporates Liniar’s innovative multi-chambered technology to ensure that it offers superb energy efficiency. The revolutionary design means that these windows are in a class of their own when it comes to thermal performance.

When the precision engineered profile is combined with standard double glazing, these uPVC windows are capable of achieving a Windows Energy Rating of A+. This outstanding level of energy efficiency means that your home will be warm no matter how cold it is outside.

Incredible SecurityLiniar uPVC French Casement Window Yale

You can be confident that your home is protected when you choose a Liniar double glazed French casement window. These French windows are fitted with the high-security, multi-point locking from Yale as standard. The superior levels of security have been independently tested to the requirements of PAS:24 2012.

Your family and home will be safe and secure when you choose Liniar uPVC French windows.

Revolutionary Weatherproofing

The seamless fit of your uPVC French casement windows will ensure that there are no draughts or leaks from around the frame. The real beauty of these windows however, lies in their exclusive Liniar technology.

The Liniar French casement window incorporates a double-action bubble gasket which keeps your windows leak-free and completely weatherproof. It creates a continuous seal – even in the corners – so your home will be protected from the elements.

Liniar uPVC French Casement Windows Benefits

When you choose Liniar uPVC French casement windows, they will provide you with more than just outstanding performance. You will receive a beautiful window that also offers a wide range of benefits.

The Liniar uPVC casement window will give a stylish and appealing look to your home. Replacement double glazing is wonderful for refreshing the appearance of your property.

Superb Views

One of the great design features of the Liniar uPVC French casement window, is the floating central mullion. The superb design enables you to have unrestricted views when your windows are open, giving you a gorgeous outlook.

Extensive Range of Colours

Liniar uPVC windows come in a wide range of colours. You no longer have to stick with white uPVC if you don’t want to. Customise your uPVC French casement window so that it blends in with your home, creating a complementary look.French Casement uPVC Windows

Variety of Options

Your uPVC French casement window has a variety of options available when it comes to the finish. Choose from internally or externally beaded, chamfered or sculptured frames with either 28mm double glazing or, for greater insulation, 36mm triple glazing.

Your double glazed French casement window will be the perfect match for your home and your tastes.

Find Your Nearest Liniar Dealer

The installers in our network have been assessed to the very highest standards, in quality, service and price, so that you know you are getting a great double glazing company. Each one has achieved membership of the Double Glazing Network because they offer outstanding double glazing installations.

If you would like to find your nearest installer, we have a search function to help. You can find a company close to you who are approved Liniar double glazing installers, and who will provide you with a high-quality home improvement.

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